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  • Founder of Leadingpharm 

    Lanzhou University——Organic Chemistry(B.Sc.) 
    The President Unit of Pharmaceutical R&D and CEO Server Division for the CMP 
    President of Alumni Association of Pharmaceutical Industry of Lanzhou University
    President of Beijing Alumni Association Chemical Branch of Lanzhou University
    Adjunct professor of Chemical Engineering College in Lanzhou University
    Executive Director of Chinese Research Hospital Association










    Wallace Tao

  • Co-founder of Leadingpharm 

    China Pharmaceutical University(B.Sc.) 

    Peking University, College of Pharmacy(M.Sc.) 

    more than 20 years experience of R&D management and regulatory affairs

    Julie Gao

  • Co-founder of Leadingpharm 

    Osaka University  Pharmaceutical Chemistry(Ph. D) 

    more than 30 years of experience in R&D and management of drugs



    Michael Liu

    Executive Vice President